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I would be remiss not to tell this.

Once upon a time there were two brothers, Nate and Tate. Now one day, they were making their way through the woods when they stumbled on an unknown trail. Curious, they followed the trail down a steep embankment. There at the bottom them found a lever sticking out of the ground and beside it was a sign with a frightening message.

"To end the world, pull the lever."

Tate turned to his brother. "Oh, this is not good! We should hide this so no one finds it."

Nate agreed. "Go back to the house and get the wagon. Fill it up with trash from the barn and bring it here. I'll stay here and guard the sign till you get back."

Tate agreed and did as he was told. As he brought the wagon down the hill, the old brakes failed and the run away wagon plunged down. Tate could see his brother at the bottom of the hill next to the lever. With no room to manuver, he had to make a grim choice. He could not risk hitting the lever and ending the world.

Tate ran over his brother.

Because we all know, it's better Nate than Lever.
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