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Vote for...{Insert hot button topic here}!!!!!

As it has become my tradition of riding my bike to the polling place, this year was no exception. It's 90 degrees out and 65% humidity and climing, but really, it's about two long city blocks.

I'm hooked up to the town e-mail alerts so when someone's cat goes missing, I know about it. You would think that they would at some point dropped me a line mentioning the BRIDGE WAS OUT.

Now I think this happened months ago during the great flood so you would think that they would have had time to put up a couple signs mentioning this fact and directing you to the best detour route.

What was a two block ride became 6.61 miles. I kid you not. 134 blocks for you in the livin' in da hood.

Fortunately I carry emergency water and dignity with me when I ride.

So here's something I noticed while out riding around. When I make a right turn, people wave and smile at me. When I make a left turn, people look at me funny.

The answer to this puzzler will be revealed at later time.

Now I am going to work on Gen and drive her to the scout meeting.


Oh, and to end the speculation for once and for all, I do NOT chose my political candidates strictly on breast size.
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