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Ned the loser

I am happy that Dan Malloy defeated Ned Lamont in this latest primary election. Ned spent almost 9 million dollars to be governor. 8.6 is a closer number. This does not include the nearly 3 million the state gives him. A CT governor makes $150,000 dollars a year. Without having to spend another dime in the general election or in any re-elections, it would take him 57 years to earn that money back.

But I'm sure it's a small investment for all the good he would have done.

When you toss out that kind of money for a governor's seat, it makes me wonder. (And yes, I'm talking to you Linda McMann! You still have your election mayhem-a-thon for your senate seat to come!)

I wonder why Ned Lamont lost? Was it his ability to look you right in the eye and promise anything in the world no matter how impossible it was? Or maybe it was the same reason as why you lost to Lieberman? Yes, that whole bit where your good buddy who had a website that advocated the assassination of cops to include handy step by step instructions and instead of acting surprised or horrified that the guy at your elbow sharing cheese and crackers wants people murder cops, you got on your high horse to protect his right to do it.

The website is gone none. I checked. Did you have him take it down, Ned? Piss on his rights for the election?

Well he may have the right but I won't vote for someone who hangs out with him.

That's just me, pissing on some guy's rights. It's what I do.

And if you hate cops, then un-friend me now.

We're assholes, yes we are. Some take the badge already assholes, others become assholes. You show me a cop that isn't an asshole and I'll show you a cop's widow and grieving family. The job is to cramp people's style. Enter walk ankle deep in the dreck of human waste and somehow come out clean.

Some of us can turn the asshole switch on and off. The one's who can't, or won't, I feel sorry for. But you have to be able to be the biggest prick in the room or at least have enough personality to attract 6 strong guys as friends willing to be your pallbearers. Tis the nature of the beast.

We're paid to be assholes. Why? Because people are assholes and when they get to big for their own asshole, threatening to become a Black-a-hole, we call in an even bigger asshole to deal with him. One with a spiffy, 30's gas attendant uniform and an Iron Claw on his belt. Fuck, what a sinister device that thing was. Why'd they get rid of that?

Ned Lamont didn't understand that and maybe that's why he did not win the nod from the Police, Fire and emergency worker's union which usually is a rubber stamp for the democratic front runner which you were both times you lost Ned.

Is Malloy any better? His goals seemed at least based in this reality, and he only spent 2 million of his own money. Really? Two million? Did you at least haggle for some of that?

And why is CT doling out 3 million dollars to get these guys elected? If you want to level the playing field, make it like the school lunch program. The candidate with the smallest election chest gets the biggest cut. Seriously, why are we giving millionaires millions of dollars when we can even fix the bridge in North Stonington? We're spanning a 25 foot gap. The army corps of engineers can do that in an afternoon. Three Green Barretts can build you something a tank can cross over in 4 hours.

I want term limits for elected officials. I want a different issuing of state funds so that Barbra, the single mother with a car payment and a strong work sense can run for office and not every millionaire billionaire who needs a title to make himself feel better and waltz in and buy the seat.

And I want Ned Lamont to go away! Enjoy your mansion and yacht.

But above all I want a proper spelling for the word, yacht!
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