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It looked good, tasted good, but wasn't good at all.

It's 2 am on a school night and I'm up with tummy trouble.

I have be seeking out new local eateries and Kagetsunami gave in to give one a try. I had seen it from the road and I thought, hey, that looks kinda neat.

It was Johny's Classic Burgers, on RT27 in down town Mystic.

So we went for dinner and walked in the front door and realized it was a fast food joint and we were kinda sorta in the mood for something a little more sit down.

There are just some days you have to be waited on, ya know?

So we walked out but right next door was this other place, Tastings Bistro. It was a wine tasting biestro affair. We scanned the menu out side and it had things with exotic goat cheese, which is cheese made from exotic goats, and basil with fresh tomatoes and all the Italian and French flair we could stand.

It was beautiful inside with a wall dedicated to a gajillion different wines and stuff, but neither of us were drinking. We just wanted to eat.

Ah, the menu looked wonderful!

Blue Cheese Kettle chips! It sounded so good.

Well, they took a bag of chips, dumped it on a plate, crumbled some blue cheese on it and heated it up. Eh, it was tasty.

For dinner, Kagetsunami had the Lamb and I had filet minion flat bread pizza with caramelized onions and a vinaigrette reduction drizzled on top. I marveled at how good it looked.

Kagetsunami's lamb had been microwaved and have the taste and consistency of a pencil eraser.

But the flat bread pizza was different and flavorful, and, and, something was wrong with it.

After a few bites of it, my stomach revolted.

Now my stomach has eaten some wild things before. I'm talking from off a cart in a back alley in a dark souk in Morocco, or from a street vender in South Korea. I've eaten at the Krak des Chevaliers in Syria. Old City in Zagreb Yugoslavia. Some un-pronouncable named place in Saint Petersburg back when it was called Leningrad.

Philippines, Mexico, Guam, China, Micronesia, Australia, France, England, Germany, Romania, Czechoslovakia, Bulgaria, Turkey, Egypt, Israel, Oooo, and how could I forget Nairobi Kenya.

Fucking flies, everywhere! Big ones! The size of my thumb! To this minute I am grossed out. We had this fried tuber on a stick thing. Not deep fried, mind you, more like rolled about on a hot sheet of metal and then put on a Steeek.

My stomach could handle anything.

Well, Kagetsunami got instantly sick and I followed suit. We had only a couple bites and called for the check and left the rest there. The waitress didn't bat an eye.

Once home, as the Alka Seltzer percolated in a glass, I called the restaurant and spoke with Todd, the executive chief. I mentally questioned the title, chef, as the food impressed me with being frozen then nuked. I told him we were sick and he was all, Oh, that's never happened before, come back in we'll make it good, the lamb was fresh...

Odd that he hit automatically on the lamb. I didn't say it was the lamb. I listed what we had and I thought it might be one of four because I had tried everything. But something made us both sick.

Well, we won't be going back there as I'm now seconds from puking my guts out and I very well may be calling in sick today.

So, in summation, our adventure at Tastings, RT 27 Mystic CT?



I'm now hoping I vomit.

I will feel better.
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