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ldykatrina, Super Spy

What kind of Super Spy is ldykatrina? One so classified that if she told you her code name she'd have to kill you.

She is the all about the tech. Stuff so new it hasn't been invented yet.

Her biometric stealth suit uses squid photocell pixilation for ultimate camouflage, making her near invisible. Immune to heat sensors, IR and harmful rays of the sun, she can slip in unnoticed past the nastiest of intrusion detection devices and leave with out a trace. Her weapon, a mono-filiment Wakizashi is made from carbon nano-fibers (So it's not metal!) capable of slicing a safe in half with a single stroke or for dispatching nosy guards silently.

Her mask allows her to see in total darkness in all visible and non-visible spectrums and filters out poison gas.

Her utility belt contains a 30 foot mono-wire, which allows her to scale buildings, lock picking tools, when cutting her way in would be too obtrusive, and eye liner, for eye lining.

Although deadly, her primary mission is to gain access, steal secrets and get out without being detected.

Ghost? Phantom? Does she really exist? You'll never know.
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