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Super Spy fallingblossom

She's sugar.

She's spice.

Just remember that her particular spice was banned from Texas Chili competition. fallingblossom is the Interrogator. Nuclear launch codes? Cheat on your spouse? Didn't return a book to the library in the fourth grade? Oh, she'll know, and you'll tell her. You'll be happy to tell her all your secrets... eventually.

She's an empath, so she will know when you're lying and nobody ever does that twice. Tell her what she wants to know and she's oh, so nice. Don't tell her what she wants to know, well, you'll tell her, let's leave it at that.

Down in the basement (dungeon) tucked far back where no one goes or even knows is there, her interview room is ready and waiting.

And no one will hear you scream.

And if they're screams of joy, or not, is all up to you.

Some spies even come back for seconds.

Code Name: Grand Inquisitor.
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