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Super Spy anneheart

Many of you know that Super Spies are alpha personalities, but many of you don't know that Super Spies are much like children, playing with high tech stuff, gambling huge sums in Monaco and all around looking cool while forgetting that they do actually work for a living.

Super Spy anneheart is a master at herding cats. She can explain complex geo-socio-politico-paradigmes in its basest form to a spy whose already bored and wants to go out and blow something up with a super secret bomb pen and she can get them to remember it long enough to complete a mission.

She can even spell antiestablishmentarianism without having to go here first.

She is frequently heard saying things like, "Not on the carpet, please." and "Take it outside, now!" and her all time favorite, "Your mission, and I've already decided you'll accept it..." All in a mysterious southern drawl despite the fact that the only south she's ever spent time in was Reykjavík, Iceland (which she can point out on a map on the first try and not have to go here first).

Code name: Miss M.

P.S. And yes, I know that Iceland is north, but Reykjavík is in Southern Iceland, get it? Nvm...
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