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kagetsunami, Super Spy

When subtlety is not an option...

Technically she isn't a spy since she does not do any spying. She just blows stuff up, and blows it up big. Her missions have phrases like, "With extreme prejudice" and "At all costs" and most often, "leave no witnesses". She receives her orders only from the President because her missions usually come with a declaration of war attached.

She uses a polymer nano-carbon armor which protects her when she hand delivers her main weapon, a miniature tactical nuke she lovingly named, 'Lil' Nukie. She also has an array of brutal methods at her disposal such as shoving a grenade down an enemy spies shorts which she calls a "German Wedgie". She believes her contribution to the preservation of the environment is her "Al Gore" tactic which his hitting her enemy with a barbed lighting rod during a thunder storm. It's her method of reusable killing.

She wears a flaming headed battle mask to strike fear in the heart of her victims. She prefers her victims to die looking stupid.

Code Name: Ground Zero
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