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This makes no sense

Labor day is the celebration of unions over their employers and commemorates the deaths of a number of workers during the Pullman strike at the hands of the US Military and Marshals.

So we take the day off. I mean, does that not mean that Union means no work? Is that their function?

Ah donno. But the weather is too beautiful to not be outside. I'm gonna take Gen to the Supermarket and buy some burgers and un-naturally cased sausages and throw them on the grill. At some point during this operation, I will start a fire in the grill. I may also start a fire in the fire pit for no reason. I may do this the scouting way with a metal match. We'll see.

If you're sitting around now and want to come over a debate Labor day with me, please do. Bring a bathing suit and we can sit in the hot tub.
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