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My take on things

There is a guy who wants to burn the Koran on Saturday to make a point. Well, at the risk of losing more friends, here's my take on it.

Saturday is the anniversary of 9/11/01. A day that for many of us, has been permanently burned into our memory. It is a day to remember those who died, those who came to the rescue, those who gave all trying to save others. It is to remember our solidarity when we all flew the American flag outside our doors. For one moment, we were all one in prayer, in spirit.

I've never advocated book burning and I won't now. I've heard his side of the story and he's wrong. We demonstrate our bravery by being who we are and not picking a fight. His little stunt is only a distractor to what's important.

9/11 is about heroes, not terror. It's about coming together, not being torn apart.

It's about being United.

I will have a toast to those heroes, those that fell, and those that rose to the challenge. Those who gave in body and those that gave in love.

9/11 is a day when everyone of us were heroes in some way.

I salute you. I honor you.

I remember.
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