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That, will piss me off.

What is prettier?
Sun sparkles playing in morning dew,
Fire Fly tag in the moon light?

The coffee was good this morning and p'raps the safety valve of anger that I needed. Or maybe that I'm not a work today and this begins to bleed off the toxins that were building.

Who's to say?

Boy Scouts.

It's been a while and recently I've been pulled back in. I wonder about my usefulness as they seem desperate for members and not needing anyone at the same time.

Now I hate catch 22 like the next person, but since it is an unfightable foe, I don't loose my mind about it.

Here's the scenario:

To join you need to take a basic leaders course. Okay, I've taken the training. Great, you can join, they say. So after I joined, they said, you need to take basic leaders course. But I did. That may be so, but any training you took before joining doesn't show up in our records. You see, before you joined, there was nothing to attach your record to. Now that you've joined, we have a file to attach your training too. But that file is empty. But I took the course, I counter, you were there. But, they respond, that was before you were a scout. We can't connect your non-scout training to your current scout record.

See, catch 22! To join, you need to take the training, but once you join, the training won't show up in your records and it's as if you never took it so you'll have to take it.

This doesn't really bother me too much. It's not until they drop the big one.

Just take it again, it's no big deal.

That is the moment I see red.

No big deal? Yeah, it is a big deal. It's my time. My time I could have spent doing other things. My time that I GAVE to you that you inconsiderately wasted because in the 21st century you are incapable of make a note that Dragoncaller took an 8 hour course sitting in an uncomfortable folding chair, not to include the 2 hours drive in gas and time to take your stupid little course that I got nothing out of, just for the privilege of being an adult leader to fix the fucked up child rearing of your delinquent, over medicated, whiney brat of a kid.

No, sir, I will not take your course again.

I mean, seriously, if there was some revelation in the course, some new thing that I didn't know about, or some refresher where I was saying, oh, that's cool, but there isn't. Really, it's 8 hours of, please don't bugger the little scouts. Yeah, I understand that. In fact, I understand it so much that I was part of the national team to write those very same guidelines in 1983 and there's been no change since. You're preaching to me? Padewon?

Yeah, that's pissing me off to no end.

I took the course. Done. If you don't like it, then you don't need me.

It's really that simple. Respect my time and I'll respect yours.
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