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And another thing

I am sincerely hooked on the whole 21st century deal. I'm enthralled by it. But the notion that it is the 21st century. The century of flying cars and silver lamé jump suits. Where boxy robots do our bidding and then later try to kill us, then sex us up, then try to kill us during sex.

20 FIRST CENTURY! (I did that grammatical bizarreity on purpose, so there)

They built massive, sky scraping pyramids way back when and it wasn't even a century. It was a negative century. B.C., which should mean Before Century.

Xerxes built a bridge across an ocean and marched a million dudes over it, back when the pyramids where only yay big.

But now we're in the 21st century and I'm not hearing it. I'm not excepting any lame ass excuse as to why something isn't happening.

And I'm not talking about warp drives and transporters, that's 23rd century.

Ahm talking 21st century.

In the 21st century two computers in the same room should be able to communicate somehow someway to each other without the assistance of an engineer. I should be able to turn their monitors towards each other and say, "computer, see that computer right there. He's your new cubicle mate. Introduce yourself and get to work."

In my century, that's how Ahm doing it. I refuse, REFUSE to have to look up in a book and get MAC codes or addresses just to print a document. That was 20th, century. This is 21st! I will not accept the excuse of incompatible systems, or you need an update package or, and here's the worst, to delete your operating system and make a fresh install.

No. I said no, damnit! It's an operating system, not a tampon. You don't need to put in a fresh one! This is the 21st century and we will do no such thing. In the 20th century we put a man on the moon with a ship that had the processing power of my digital watch and your telling me that my computer that can process 2.4 gajillion bits of information a second can't open a document file from the year 2000?

And my home computer should never, ever say, "Contact your admin." I am the admin. As far as my computer is concerned, I am GOD! What it should do is start walking me through some steps to fix it and it better not involve going to some website where people BLOG the answer. Last thing I need is some goober with bugger stained nails typing me a hint on how to back door my program when the programer should have simply made it all work in the first place.

That was my first job when I was in the Marines. Fixing programs. That was also a century ago. This is now the 21st century. Stuff should just frelling work.

So, get on it, 21st century.

And no excuses.
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