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Just on the edge of creativity

The rain for the longest while was only a persistent sprinkle with enough gumption to turn the red, rusting bulkhead metal wet and shiny. It was the fall day for walking the trails with a jacket, cool and easy. The color of green sharp with the wet and damp, be-speckled with the sudden pop of autumn yellows and reds.

Or it was a day for sleeping in.

As the rain now kicks up, the choice is made. It's beginning to pound.

My work on my latest un-named novel is slowly being re-born. My timing to sit down a re-write the lost pages has just not been there. I'm hoping in October when I go to Tuesdays and Wednesdays off I will be able to get back into the swing of things and hammer out a couple pages a week. This is a big improvement over this month which has seen a page written. Jeeze.

I find my soul being drained recently. Scouts, SCA, car, people wanting my attention. I think my stepping back from it all this week has been a good thing.

My stay-cation is over. Tomorrow is back to work. I could have had a few more days here at the Shire and I would have been looking forward to going back to work, but instead I'm only greeting the news with mild omph.

I finally got the PC talking to the Macs and the networked printer. I've getting more and more opposed to the PC because everything, and I do mean everything, takes forever. You start out methodically working your way through but as errors and re-booting abound, when it finally does work and you've spun a myopic weave of wire that would drive even the most masterful of spiders mad, you're like, 'Don't touch it! It's working, leave it be!'

And then the first update comes along and knocks out the core of your web and you have to start all over again. Buargh!

The Groton Fall Fest is coming up. This is a great opportunity for the SCA to shine with huge crowds coming by. Please spread the word, please come.

Is it time for a nap? Yes, it just might be.
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