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To be fair.

The scouts have now added my past training, training that I took in 2006, to my portfolio and I only had to throw a mild tantrum to get it done. I think any training that I had before that is now dated and should not be included, even though they asked about it as was willing to add that as well.

Tonight I took Youth Protection for Ventures. (Go Team Venture!) and next week I'll take the Youth Protection for Explorers. They did a good job preventing too much over lap. A scoutmaster needn't worry about the co-ed set up ventures and the policy on including gays and atheists in Exploring shouldn't be a worry for ventures. Seeing as I'll be doing all three, I will have to have all that training. It's easy and based on common sense.

We are moving forward with both Ventures and Explorers here in New London County. Should be interesting. Teens are already stepping up asking to join something that hasn't even started yet.
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