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250 word Synopsis, DUN!

The 131,000 words of Shard's thugs have been condensed into a tight blurb that makes sense and a mere, schmere, 255 words long. They wanted 250 words but if they get their panties in a bind over that I don't want to deal with them.

Writing is easy, well, at least for me, but bullshit is tough and seriously I think publishers like to watch us jump through stupid monkey hoops for their sick entertainment. It's frustrating! One publisher wants a 1,000 word synopsis, another wants 250 and another wants 500, each one painstakingly crafted.

This one wants three synopsis's of different lengths. The first has spoilers so I won't put it here. The other two are teasers and I'll put them up later, p'raps after dinner.

But really, three?

I also finished formatting to their anal specifications. These are the guys who don't like two spaces at the end of every sentence and for me to go and pull them out. They also don't want tab at the start of each paragraph. Seriously.

I'll have Kagetsunami review the synopsis and put that part to bed. Another stupid monkey trick performed, now give me the banana!

And they wonder why animals attack.
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