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Where the color in autumn leaves comes from.

This time of year plays havoc with the forest fairies allergies. About as tall as a child's outstretched hand, they flitter around the trees, sneezing, snorking, and feeling miserable. If you listen in the twilight, you can hear them sneezing and sniffling as they pass under the leaves. As the season progresses, the fairies blow their noses into the leaves, eventually covering the leaves so much, they are painted with sinus drip.

Fairy buggers are lovely shades of red, amber, and screaming yellow.

So, for those of you who like to pile up leaves and dive into them, I suggest you don't.

The brake light in Gen came on. So I slithered under and looked around, inspecting the brakes and the hoses and wires and cleaning the contacts, only to find that the brake sensor, the wire that tells me if the brakes are ok, leads up under the gas tank and there in the little hole where the wire is threaded, is the tell tale sign of mouse bedding.


So, I yank up the gas tank and sure enough there's a big ass nest there. Ugh.

You know, mice, yes I'm talking to you, you have a whole 9 acres to play in. You can even play in the barn. Crawl in and out of the desk drawers, the cabinets, the rungs of the aluminum ladders, have yourself a blast.

Just stay outta Gen!

I inspected stuff and it all looks un-nibbled. The source of the brake light trauma may be elsewhere. I'm hoping it's just a faulty switch. If not, then it might be a Master Cylinder which as many of you remember was Felix the Cat's arch nemesis.

While all a pain in the but, I can't blame the mice on that.

Just the hour it took pulling the nest out from under the gas tank with forceps.


But I have been feeling Gen empowered, like there is stuff that I can do and repairs I can make myself.

But brakes? Eh, not so empowered as to dick around with that.
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