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Sunlight on my engine

"Isn't that just the prettiest?"

So I fixed the brake light issue and cleared out the mouse nest, reassembled the gas tank and put plastic cable sheathing to protect the fuel line from nibbling mice.

I needed gas as I was running on fumes so I got in, fired her up and drove down the block. The sun was streaming through the trees and I popped the roof off while driving down the road. I passed two gas stations because I wanted to go for a drive and because gas is twenty five cents a gallon cheaper in Rhode Island.

The stereo was playing, I was dancing and singing and moving to the grovin', and just then I suddenly lost power and by a long flat stretch of road with a wide, clearly marked shoulder, Gen sputtered out.

I was out of gas!

Kagetsunami came to the rescue with a couple gallons and I was on my way again. Filling up at the station, I then turned and headed home.

It's not the destination, but the journey. The adventure is not at the finish, but along the way.

Our days of Sun are numbered, I plan on topping off my battery before winter comes.
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