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While we waiting for news from Naga

Since the inception of my internet journal I have documented my annual foray into the wild. The Shire, where I live, is tucked behind everything and half of my neighbors forget we're back here. The other half don't know.

So to celebrate this wonderful solitude, I re-affirm by parading around my house sans the accouterments of the civilized world.

I do this in the fall for once the leaves are gone there is a small chance I might be spotted and a big foot sighting called in and a bevy of hunters with cameras will descend on the Shire in hopes of catching the elusive beast.

So to avoid all that, I do it under the cover of the autumn leaves.

I wore sandals and although it was a little warm out, a wool hat.

For those of you who may think this might be fun to do at your Shire, let me share a bit of pre-caution. Unlock the back door! In case the UPS truck comes rumbling down the drive, you can make a quick escape to decency.

I was distracted, I admit, by Naga being in the hospital, and everything else going on, but it's still a nice little walk around my stead.
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