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Today is your birthday

The welcoming warmth of the roaring fire greeted him as he stepped in from the cold November wind. As his eyes adjusted to the dim, he shrugged off his great coat and passed it off to the serving girl. He barked at the inn master. He needed a couple tables pushed together, quills and ink, a fresh pipe and yes of course a pint with a bit of rum to warm his frigid bones. He then added that he was on official business of the Continental Congress and they would be picking up his bar tab.

Samuel Nicholas could feel the lump of paper in his breast pocket, its ink barely dry. Earlier that day he had been commissioned by the 1775 Continental Congress to raise an army, but not just any army. It was to be a force of exceptional men, prepared to board ships, attack naval targets on land and defend home ports. There were to be a cut above, daring and unflinching. They were to be disciplined, expert shots and tremendous fighters.

Captain Samuel Nicholas was to be the first Commandant of two battalions of Marines and he came to Tun Tavern Pennsylvania to find his men. A well known and popular brew house it was where Colonel Benjamin Franklin raised his Pennsylvania Militia a few years ago. He knew that men would flock to the tavern for two reasons, beer and the honor of signing on.

You don't join the Marines, you become one.
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