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Yes, Softpaw wins!

I was in foxmagic's back yard. He was busy so I didn't bug him. The photo earlier is from Muppt 3D Vision, as is this one.

Disney is all about the details. The wait in line can be just as fun as the ride itself. You just have to look.

Disney is the home of the best roller coasters evah!

The most fab hotels

and just the wildest stuff.

My favorite place is The World Show Case!

I took pictures of street lights. It's what I do.

Love Japan! No surprise there.

And Illuminations is the best fireworks in the world.

I take pictures of things people don't think of to take pictures of. I bet softpaw can't guess this one. It's the tile in the men's room in Animal Kingdom.

and this represents American cuisine? This is the best we can come up with? Where did Mac and cheese come from? That's American, right?

And usually I wonder why people wear stuff on vacation that they wouldn't dare wear in the real world, except this is Roc the Dragonslayer and he is fashion.

Note: His pin says, "I'm a hugger."

I will upload the whole photo vacation to scrapbook. Enjoy!
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