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Why we don't stand a chance.

When it comes to the environment, specifically preserving the planet so it continues to support human life, there are many different views on it. First, there are those who sincerely want to conserve what we have, recycle and reuse our waste for the good of the planet. Then there are those who only want to 'look' like they care because it's fashionable. Then lastly, there are those who really want to be environmental, but are willing to destroy the planet in doing so.

In the last two categories, it is least likely of an intentionally malicious scope and more of a subconscious or ignorant attitude. At least I'd like to think so.

So, in the next anecdote, you can decide which is what.

I'm at a restaurant and the waitress brings us drinks. She then gives out straws and announces that they are using environmentally responsible 'Paper' straws. I pipe up that I don't need a straw, but I don't think she hears me and she doles one in front of me then scurries away.

Just what the hell is it about restaurants and straws? I mean, if my jaw was wired shut then, yeah, gimme a straw. Why do we need straws? Would it not be better for the environment to just let me drink from the glass? They did wash the glass, right?

And I need to know something. Which is easier to recycle? Paper or Plastic? Can't you just melt plastic into whatever new form? Ah donno.

If they really wanted to be environmental, wouldn't just giving out sippy cups be the way to go? It would be like re-usable shopping bags, wouldn't it?
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