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Preparing for thanksgiving at The Shire

The hearth is the center of every home. In the modern house, the hearth was replaced by the oven.

Here's ours.

Yes, painfully dated, and it had a few anomalies, but hey, it did what it was supposed to do. Make cold things not cold.

Most of the knobs didn't work, as did most of the features and the clock didn't work for 4 years then suddenly started to.

But the lower oven stopped working a couple years back but we managed on. Now the top oven started to go wonky. It was time.

There was a 50% off sale so fate was on our side.

It's a beauty! Dual Convection will speed up cook times and save electricity. Comes with a MEAT PROBE! And it has fancy smansy touch screen buttons!

And two more racks for racking!

So, Thanksgiving will be at The Shire.
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