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On the mend

I finally have enough energy to get up and do things as I think my cold is passing, or in that eye of the storm phase and gearing for the worst of it. Hard to tell. Either way, I was getting bored of having just enough energy to pour a cup of tea and slump back to bed.

I cleaned the kitchen, then the ferret room and now, with tea in hand, I might start thinking about going back to bed. I did walk to the end of the driveway, the first time out of the house in a week, to mail a letter. For those of you who know my driveway, that's no small feat.

Did some online shopping, banking and now LJ.

Outside is the beautiful grey, New England wear a jacket and walk through the woods weather. Alas, I've not the energy for that.

But I'm up right. That's the important thing.
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