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More on welding

There is a certain empowerment from DYI, or Do it Your Self. Just take your saw, cut here, take your hammer, knock down this wall, get out your pry bar, rip here. Concepts like this terrify me. I subscribe to the old adage, measure twice, cut once, fuck it up anyway. I got a letter from Al Gore that read, "Dear Dragoncaller, be kind to Mother Earth and leave the power tools alone."


So yes, I'm scared. Gen needs new rear floor pans and a new side support rails, possibly a heater vent. The rear floor pans are where the people in the back seat put their feet, the side support rail runs under the door and the heater vent runs over that, from the fenderwell to fenderwell. The door posts are welded to it.

I might be able to patch the heater vent and weld that in. Depending on what's rusted, I might get away with just the support rail and floor pan.

My big fear is that if I fuck it up, I FUCK it up.

But, there are two things in my favor.

1) Kagetsunami support. This is very important.

2) The Bug Me video. In one part of the video, the guy goes, "And just to show you that you can do it, here's my 13 year old sister to show you. If she can do it, you can do it."

2a) They make meat ball surgery look good. I'm all about the hack and slash. Finesse? Not my style.

I am reluctant to learn a new skill. Jack of all trades, suck at them all sort of thing. But seriously, after the horrible time from Hans Auto in Rhode Island, I figure that I can do better than that.

So, better than that I will!
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