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Final driving days of the season

I was driving Gen up on the highway and this guy rolled up behind me and started tailgating. I'm used to this. People tend to not thing of an AC as a real car and will either cut you off or tailgate. I'm in the middle lane, just having to pass someone so I slide to the right. As the tailgater passes me, taking his dear sweet time, his powerful muffler is vibrating my car. He then parralells me, something that annoys me terribly. I mean, if you're going to pass, nut up and pass already. He's just hovering there with his horrible muffler drowning out my stereo. We're going up an incline and there is no way I can pass him, so I choose the better part of valor and slow down.

The vibration slows down.

And as he rolls ahead, the vibration does not diminish. I slow down further and so does the sound.

Oh, oh.

I pull over.

I have a flat.

To be expected. I have no idea how old the tires are, but they look to be on their last legs. Cracking, dry rot, I know they sat for 5 years with very little road use, I'm thinking 10 to 15 years old total.

So I go to put on the spare. The jack post on a VW convertible is connected to a support rail. I plug in the jack, start to jack up the car and the support rail wretches out slightly. This is not good at all. I can't use the jack.

At this time, a road crew highway truck pulls over. I'm thinking he's gonna give me some light until the trooper or wrecker arrives and he comes out with a jack and an air wrench. Really nice guy! Within minutes the old tire is of, huge hole in the sidewall, and the new tire is on.

Home, I order new tires. In my new age of, I will do stuff myself, I do a bit of research and call the local tire guy and he quotes me $362 for 4 new tires. I instead order the tires on line, then drive to the tire guy to put them on. Total, $304 and done, tires and mounted. My likey this DIY stuff.

Coming home from the tire guy, I pull into the gas station and on the other side of the pumps is an convertible WC. Now I bash WC drivers who tend to ignore you completely whenever an AC pulls up. He's an anecdote that happened a few months ago:

I was driving up to the mall and I hear a VW horn beep. I look into my mirror and it's this gorgeous Thing, powder blue. She waves, I wave back. Cute scene.

Light changes we move on. The road splits. I pull into the far left lane, ready to turn into the mall, she pulls into the far right lane and in between us is a WC. We're waiting for the light to change. So, I'm waving at the lady in the Thing, through the WC and she's waving back. The lady in the WC has her eyes locked dead ahead. Now the lady in the Thing beeps and I beep back and the lady in the WC doesn't move. It is possible that she did not notice that she was flanked by the crown gems of German engineering, but I somehow doubt that.

Anywho, I roll up to the pumps today and on the other side is a WC. The couple in the car are delighted to see me and ask the usual questions, what year is it? How's the heat? Things like that. We exchange small talk for a couple seconds and they wish me a nice day and I bid them the same.

See? NIce.

Oh, and as a side note, Gen loves her new tires and, just to mention, the tires are Japanese.

It's the Axis all over again!
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