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Ah well.

I didn't meet my writing goal tonight. I am still working on recreating pages that were lost in the hard drive crash and it is slow going. Part of the fun for me in writing a story is finding out what the story is. I don't know what's going to happen. I thought I did, but that went out the window early on so now I'm looking at this cliff looming up ahead, coming closer. In the meanwhile, I'm working on story that's already happened and really, it feels like grunt work.

That, and I know what's going to happen. There is no thrill there. I know that Rolland is going to get worked up in her righteous fury. I know that Emily is filled with confidence, but as the scene goes down and she sees the faces of the men around her, she knows they are in over their heads, but before she can warn Rolland, Emily is going to see the man raise the shotgun and point it at the back of Rolland's head.

I know this. I know what happens. I have to write it all again but it's like watching a movie that you've seen. You know how it ends.

What can I say?

Writing on a computer is like politics in Chicago.

Back up early, back up often.
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