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Two days.

All of my car work seems to take two days. Yesterday, I went to change Growler's sport tires to Snow tires. I have an air impact wrench so you would think this would be easy. S'not.

That failing, I use another lug wrench and penetrating oil. No go. It's always the rear driver's wheel that gives me the most trouble.

The internet, with it's vast and wondrous knowledge is filled to the brim with useless information and wise asses. Wise asses should be shot with frozen paint balls until they cry. I mean, dribbling blubbering crying. People are looking for help and you have to sort through tons of useless chat blogs with lame comments like, 'Don't remove lugs, buy a new car.' Or, "Snap off lug and take to shop." Really? Really? Asses.

So I talk to some people and some have good advice. The number one suggestion is 'put a torch to em and heat em up.' I then say, 'I have aluminum rims' and they all give that pained expression before saying, 'Yeah, don't use heat'.

So, I bought a bigger wrench and a 3 foot steel pipe.

Today, the lugs cracked like a rifle shot in a canyon. Popular Mechanics says to lube the lugs before putting them back on, so I did and the snow tires are now on.

Before winter is over, I am getting a commercial grade air impact wrench. Ugh.
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