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Talking about Talking

There has been some discussion about talk and hate speech here on my LJ, about if or if not can talk be responsible for horrible things. Today I realized something very important. There was a man in this country, not so long ago, who through the use of talk alone changed a nation.

My mother told me a story once. She, her sister, her brother and her mother, went to a diner to have lunch. They sat down at the booth and waited to be served. The waitress came, and looking them over, said to my mother's mother, that the children would have to wait outside. The waitress then added to my mother's mother, "But you can stay and I'll be happy to take your order."

My mother's mother, Grandma, got up, took the children and left.

It would be a decade before anyone did anything about that diner.

When we look back at the freedom marches, we don't realize exactly what was going on. There were no sick days back then, no personal days, no vacations. If you took a day off to go to a march you didn't get paid and seeing as most blacks were living at the edge of existence, loss of a day's wages was catastrophic.

Local police would deny following vehicles, the ones with the water and food to help the people march in near 100 degree weather.

And beatings.

And dogs.

Terror, harassment, threats and yes, murder.

And still they marched. They marched because he asked them too.

But they marched to a cause, lead by the teachings of Martin Luther King Jr, who marched beside them in peace. He asked so much of them! Too much! And yet they gave and did.

To think this all happened in my lifetime is most interesting.

Mere talk!

But great words. Incredible words.
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