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Writing goal, not met.

I am still surprised when people like theexpert refuse to call Microsoft Products what they truly are. They are Factory Installed Viruses.

I blame Bill Gates. I wish no harm to the man despite the fact that he engineered the set back to humanity and is the sole reason we don't have flying cars.

So, last night I'm in Word (okay, that part is my fault only partially) and I start writing. I scroll up to check some information and I notice that there is a page break in the middle of a sentence. Now this is a chapter that I've been over a dozen times already and I know there is no page break there before. I remove the page break and scroll up to see if there are any more.

There are.

Just that the frell is going on? Well, I pull that off and low and behold there is a couple more, and a random margin change which happens with the stupid magic tab thing.

I need a word processor with a Kurt Vonnegut setting. It just writes.

It was times like last night that I miss my old typewriter. The light smell of oil and dust, the sharp slap of the keys flying up and pounding the paper. The letter "o" cutting a neat, clear hole.

I'm not so foolish to think I could get along without the ability to cut and paste and delete, or page numbering. But I would like the processor to not try and second guess me and put stuff where it thinks I want it. I'll tell you where I want it when I want it.

I simply couldn't get into the zone.

So, instead, in reference to my last post, I provide a bit to entertaining distraction for you all.

Let's face it. Cows are a huge producer of green house gasses. They have to go. Yet we can't go on as a society without cheese. What would we bury our Nachos with? But we have a great source of green house gas free milk right at our finger tips.

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