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For those who don't know How awesome Tori Amos is,

Writing goal for this week, done and done. Still recreating lost pages from the crash but it's going less chore like. I'm having fun again. There's quite a bit of butt dancing going on. For those who don't know what that is, it's like this:

Sit in a chair.

Put on Tori Amos.

Put on head phones.

As she's banging on the Piano, you write a bit, enjoy the music, then write some more, enjoy the music. Butt dancing, see?

If you don't, I can't help you. Sorry.

I was a little disappointed in tonight's predicted storm. In anticipation to the frostspawn snowpocalips that was supposed to happen, I canceled the Venturing meeting. Ventures are all about the adventure and a little snow shouldn't phase them, but really, driving in snow and ice is dangerous. Why risk it for a Venture meeting? As I watched the reporter on TV endure the horrible storm just up the road I figured it was immanent that we too would be besieged in winter's icy grasp.

Not so much.

Now I feel like a wus. (My cousin Brian taught me that word, wus. It has no meaning, but it just has all it needs in the sound, donnit? Wus! Like the sound of a deflating erection, Wussssss.)

I went with safety and caution, not the way of the Adventurous, is it?

Ah, but I take comfort in knowing that had I not pulled the plug the storm would have hit and we would have been taking our lives in our hands for just a meeting, one of a million other meetings that we would have.

It's Murphy's law and I am a disciple.
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