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It's not to late to donate!

We're coming up on the fated day when I will plunge my body into the Long Island Sound to help support the Special Olympics.

Right now I will have to shovel my way onto the beach to do my small part for this amazing cause. Some of you have stepped up to the plate to help, but some of you still need to click on the link and

Cold, cold water, don't let me go alone! Send your warmth and heart in the form of a 5 buck donation. And yes, that 5 bucks is tax deductible. You can give more if you like, but all I'm asking is 5 bucks.

5 bucks will make the change in a child's life that will be a positive force within them for the rest of their lives. Click on the link and

You'll feel better. I know I will because when I jump in that water, after I smash through the layer of ice, I will have your support.

I'm doing the jump. You do the click.

The jump is on Ocean Beach New London CT on Sunday February 20th at noon! Come join and cheer me on!
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