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Rust never sleeps

Fired up Gen today. First I checked the bolts on the engine block and gave them a turn. I need to pick up a torque wrench. In stead I did the choke up on the wrench trick. Let's hope that works.

Engine started right up, very nice, and sounded great. I gathered up my tools and some PB Blaster penetrating oil and went at it. While Gen was purring to herself, I have to keep the garage door open and seeing as it's 20 degrees outside, it was cold work. I thought about running a hose to the muffler and then out the door, but if it leaked and I was in there a while, ah, maybe I won't.

So, breeze from the fan blowing to keep the circulation in the room, ice cold metal tools, I went at today's project.

Running boards! For those of you born some time after Jimmy Carter was President, running boards on cars served two purposes. One, for women with restrictive skirts they could climb up easier in the car and two, it looked aesthetically cool.

It is a great home for rust and as I have to replace the support rail, as shown later, I have to get the running boards off.

With numbing fingers I set to work. It isn't rocket surgery and in short order they're off!

Close inspection looks fairly good!

You're looking at the door on top, the crenelated grey and rust is where the running board went and under that is the support rail I talked about earlier.

Now let's check the driver's side and... aw, crap...

That's a big hole. I mean, it could be worse, and it's not end of the world, but still it's gotta get fixed. Looks like someone used some putty or filler to patch that. Bad body work.

Well, our work is cut out for us.
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