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War preparations

The regional fighter practice in SpringField Massachusetts is a must do for anyone looking at being on the unbelted team. Yesterday we had 42 fighters on hand and we practiced singles, 3 member tri-ads, 6 member teams, 12 member teams, and then a whole bunch of 20 member teams. We had a spear work instruction and using the spear in a moving fight.

I did not suck. I armored up and shuffled out there and worked my two swords for most the day and some small round as well. For the melees I was on pole arm and yeah, I was feeling it. Polearm is the best form in the SCA. It is.

I also fought some cross forms, my pole vs shield is always the toughest for me, but the most rewarding. I got jumped during one of the melees and I backed out looking for a clear space to play and then took the guys leg and arm. I should have taken him there in the line. Bad Frodo! Eh, I guess I wanted to play.

It had been months since I was at any serious practice and sorry to say I was itching to go. I shouldn't wait so long, but with my bouncing schedule as late it's been difficult.

So, to re-cap, for instruction and fighting people you don't always fight, get yerself up to the Springfield Mass practice. Next Practice is March 13!
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