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Flinging ourselves into the frigid waters of the Atlantic!

Ah, a beautiful day at the beach. But wait, there is no one there. Why is that?

'Cause it's 25 degrees out, thats why!

Kagetsunami and I prepare for the Plunge to support the Special Olympics. Our team, the Copsicles have raised about $4,000.00 bucks to support this great cause.

We were joined by Ariel, who really let her self go...

and other people dedicated to helping out the Special Olympics.

and this team of penguins...

It was a great day. The water temp was a warm, 37 degrees. Hardly a challenge.

Thanks to everyone who supported our mad dash into the frigid water. My support team was unable to get pictures of diving into the murky green water but we did it and as always it was a BLAST!
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