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A dirty, budding bit of green reaches for the sky.

With puckered lips and puffed cheeks God leaned out over the cosmos and with a single puff blew out the fiery ball of the sun and plunged us all into the horrible darkness.

Cold, stinging hand of despair reached into us and grabbed a firm hold of our entrails and yanked. We were desolate and alone, blind, fumbling without cause or hope.

Unbelieving in betrayal so complete we looked to the heavens to plead our worthless case...

And saw stars.

God had taken away our one, small sun and given us one hundred billion suns, worlds spinning around each, people dotting, looking up at us, wondering who we are and when to expect us for tea and cakes.

In the vacuum of infinite God gives us HOPE.

He's like that you know.

What a strange few months.

To Recap.

Kagetsunami looses her job.

We refinance our credit card going from 24% interest to 8% interest. (What's in your wallet? Not frelling you turds! Give Vikings a bad name, that you do.)

KageTsunami's brother gets chemo-therepy and declares bankruptcy from the medical costs.

Bank calls and re-finances the house, shaving off an interest point for free and saving us hundreds a month.

Ferret Naga crosses the rainbow bridge. The bridge spans a torrent river of my tears. Naga is happy and healthy again and plays with Brutus and Gin.

Kagetsunami gets a new job and a 20k a year boost in pay. 20K over what she made as a wage slave for the SUN. 20K! K as in thousand. As in bumped into new tax bracket.

Today, it rains.
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