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I need a new t shirt

I'm in Borders right now. Using their why fhy. We just came from best buy. I, once again, got snippy with the girl trying to be helpful. I was looking at cameras and the auto focus wasn't working. So I tried the manual focus and that didn't work either. So the girl takes it and says, oh it's totally working. I looked at it and said, you and I have two different definitions of the word 'focus'.
She gave me an incredulous look. I put the camera down and walked away.

I'm in the book store now. Drinking a coffe.

I used to be a tech god. Now I am Odin or Jupiter. The world passing me by, but content to watch it go. Like a burning hay wagon ride, I'm okay to catch the next one.

I need a t shirt that reads 'Curmudgeon'. Black shirt with white letters. Cantankerous, but less vocal.

Books are one of the old gods, they just don't know they're in for a change. Clay tablets to papyrous, velum to wood pulp, paper to liquid crystal display.

I nervously look with fear and wonder to the future. I bust on the 21st century, but we now have hand held video phones. Right here, right now. Books are on Kindel. On flash drives, thumb drives. Libraries as vast as Alexandria in my mishapen hand.

Bloody, fucking amazing, that.
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