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From the Curmudgeon Files.

My memory exceeds the current reality.

Chiles restaurant on the outskirts of historic New London, sits over looking the the blazing river of flashing cars zipping along the highway. I hadn't been there in a while. There had been a fire and they rebuilt.

Last time I was there was with anneheart. We dined on faux Tex Mex food and wonderful conversation.

Today, not so much.

Still reeling from electronic bullying we went to Chilies--san Annheart and that may have been my mistake.

With my curmudgeon air about me, I guess I caused concern with the management. I kid you not, she came over and asked if I was unhappy with the meal. She noticed I wasn't eating.

I said, "Your server is doing a wonderful job! The service here is excellent."

That wasn't the question but the truth is the service was indeed top notch.

The food however: the "Iced Tea" was brackish water from a garden hose, stirred with a rusted spoon and served with a slice of lemon, and the meal? I've had better fare served from my Junior Highschool Lunch Lady.

I should have said, the food is exceptionally mediocre, exceedingly adequate. I should have said it is lacking cheese. But I didn't because that would be mean and cantankerous and I'm not yet to that level of honesty.

I think next time I'll invite Anneheart. We'll have appetizers and skip to the dessert.

And dine instead on company and conversation.
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