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People, for your own safety, know your anime!

On of the irritants of American culture is to think of all animation as children's cartoons. I learned this as a young hobbit when my grandmother took us to go see Watership Down. I was way too young for this. The dialogue was hyper-complicated and all I knew what was happening was the big dog was killing all the bunnies--on camera--with lots of blood.

I could have done without that.

Now, fast forward a few years and now I'm in Best Buy feeling like a curmudgeon and I see this:

I'll walk you through it. From left to right, top row. One Piece, the American Aired version, Host, that same level of cartooness, 9, and Alpha and Omega. Fairly safe stuff.

On the second shelf going from right to left, below Alpha and Omega is Barney, the raiser of children everywhere. Behind him is Dora the Explorer! Swiper! No Swiping!

Next to Barney is Sekirei. This is Junior Highschool level big boobs making japanese guy all a twitter stuff.

And then we get to Robo Geisha.

Check out the katana's that stick out from their butts! This is from the makers of Tokyo Gore Police, known for their excessive blood and gratuitous sex, four foot demon penises and bitting, fang bearing breasts.

I don't have kids, but I would not what my kid watching this until he was at least 31.

Now just so that you know it wasn't miss-filed, it was right next to Rin

Rin is an immortal who can survive any injury to include being chopped up into meat pie, eaten and crapped out. And yes, ball gags are involved.

The show absolutely has a preoccupation with violent sex and torture, and presumably, that's the selling point here. It's all very EDGY – meaning you're going to see a lot of sexual mutilation and rape and people getting sliced up while naked and all that.

Don't get me wrong, I'm totally going to rent this, the point is, I don't think it should be next to Barney and Dora.

Ahm jus sayn'

And for some reason, I have Barry Manalow playing in my head. WTF?
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