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Oh, and just so you know

Dragoncaller is NOT a safe play area. It is made entirely of Fire, broken glass and frayed, live electrical wire.

Any attempt to do anything portrayed here should be filmed and sent to me so theexpert, kagetsunami and I can laugh at your painful demise.

I will use the words, cocksucker, mother fucker and shit, at random. Kagetsunami won't let me use cunt so you won't see that. I might use the word Bitch but I will more than likely be talking about a dog.

There are no safety harnesses, soft mats, or cushioning anywhere.

It is not sanitized. In fact, I import festering, bubbling mucous.

I may, as I want, say or do something freaky. Get over it.

I don't put things behind a Cut. I think that's stupid and only makes you click on something out of .

If you are offended by anything here it's your own fault.

And now I'm going to have some stale graham crackers and warm milk and take a nap.

But first, here it is, PORN!

I have spoken!
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