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It's over, grab your guns and ammo and fall back to the Shire. The Zombie Apocalypse has begun!

What I am about to tell you will disturb you to your core. The horror is unfathomable. The concept unimaginable. Yet, I have to take this moment to say, I told you so.

Some of you thought the zombie apocalypse was going to be a government experiment gone wrong, others guessed it was rays from space.

I knew it would be Mushrooms. Yes, mushrooms!

Scores of the Undead shambling around with mushroom caps growing out of their heads in their endless quest for brains. I guessed it! Go me. It's why I don't eat mushrooms and neither should you.

Imagine, a mushroom growing in your brain, making it do its iniquitous bidding, helpless in your own body!

What you're about to see will disturb you. A lot.

You thought I was making this up! This is just the beginning. A minor mutation of this fungal species and Aunt Martha will be shuffling up the driveway asking to borrow a cup of BRAIN.

Stock up on ammo, and practice sword strikes. Guns have range, but swords don't run out of bullets. If you're overwhelmed, just start hacking!
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