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Crew comes together

First things first.


The crew gets together to create our new crew uniform T-shirts. Member Main did some sketches for us:

And they then brain stormed and came up with this:

I was a little surprised because they had been talking about zombie ninjas and I turned away to deal with something and this is what they came up with. I was about to say, okay, zombie ninjas are cute and all, but not for a t-shirt that represents your crew. Instead I could only say, whoa.

The venture symbol is the reflected mountain. The Crew added wings and an anchor to represent air and sea along with earth, that there is no where we can't go, nothing we can't do. On the back of our shirt will read, "Live it, don't dream it!"

The mountain is green, the anchor is gold and the wings are white. 694 in white in the mountain will look real cool.

Excited? I know I am.
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