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Feeling better

S'funny that I would have the disease that no one's heard of. Most doctor's haven't heard of it and even some people who have it haven't heard of it. And I'm surprised that there is a commonality in the fact that we crawl on the floor and then lie on the floor for hours when it happens. I thought that was just me, but then again, you're so dizzy that lying on the floor makes sense. You can't get up. And I have wall to wall hard wood floors. I think about that as my cheek starts to ache just how hard hardwood is.

I also think about cleaning around the toilet better as I'm lying there trying not to puke up the Dramamine, hoping it will kick in enough for me to stop puking and crawl up to bed.

If I puke up the Dramamine, then I have to start all over again. And because my body temp sky rockets, I pull off clothes. I try to use clothes as padding and to mop up sweat while I'm lying there, and also so I don't puke on them, but I puke on them anyway and then pull them on top of me for warmth. At this point, I have no shame.

But puke, when it dries, flakes off nicely so that's no big deal. However, lying wet and naked on the floor leads to hypothermia, so I have to get moving, and so I crawl cause I can't stand, and getting up into bed doesn't work so I pull blankets down on top of me and I stay like that for a couple hours before I hurt from lying on the floor and get into bed.

And I'm not much of a conversationalist. I just can't talk well. My brain's too distracted. I mean, more than usual. Sir diablu can tell you, if there's a disease that makes me shut up, it's a disease to be feared and respected.

It sucks. I'm still in full spin six hours later so I called for an ambulance and the hospital treats the spinning. With a slight alleviation from that, Kagetsunami drives me home. I slept all of yesterday and most of today. I can walk, but I need a wall to lean against. I can't move my head without the feeling of swimming. I kinda have to sit still. I can read books, but for some reason reading on a monitor is difficult.

And like a virus, I have to drink a lot which means every 10 minutes I have to pee. That gets old after a while.

Hopefully tomorrow I'll have it together to do some moving around. I want to tell you about what I found out about Gen. The guy will be here to sand the floor in the day room and refurbish that now that the ferrets are no longer in there.

And I'll be back at work on Monday, I hope.
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