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Why Han's imports and Domestics of Wickford RI sucks

Some of you may recall the horrible service that I received from Han's Imports and Domestics of Wickford RI. A job that should have taken less than 6 weeks took nine months, due to, in my opinion, to shop owner Omar's complete incompetence.

I'm not a mechanic. I'm learning as I go and I trusted Han's imports to know what they were talking about, trust that they betrayed handedly. They are supposed to be the experts. I only kick myself for not stepping in sooner and rescuing my car from their fumbling hands.

So it took me a while to figure somethings out is due to my lack of knowledge and experience. I am not an expert which is why I don't open my own shop, unlike Omar of Han's Imports and Domestics of Wickford RI.

So take a look. That is a VW engine. To the far right and up is the carburetor, in the middle is the fuel filter and the bright blue thing on the left is the coil. In a car there is Spark and Fuel. Two not so independent systems. Gen had been driving increasingly rough these last few months. When Omar of Han's Imports and Domestics of Wickford RI had it, the car had a tendency to "Bomb out", sudden loss of power, threatening to stall. You have to re-clutch, rev and pop the clutch to get her to go. He could not figure out why this was happening. He spent a month on this before I took the car back.

Let's look at the coil. You'll notice one thing right away, it's upside down. You'll also notice that almost all of the words as not in English or German, but in Spanish. This is because it is a Mexican made coil. Mexican made coils are filled with oil and CANNOT BE MOUNTED UPSIDE DOWN. The oil will leak out. This explains why Gen was running increasingly rough and I had mysterious oil drips on the ground which I thought was from the engine block.

Oh, it gets better.

Notice that not all of the words are in Spanish. There are the words, Without Resistance written in English directly below the words, Sin Resistencia, which means Without Resistance in English. Why would a Spanish speaking coil say that? Maybe because it's very important. So important they put it on there twice in two languages.

The light brown thing is the rotor and below it to the right is a black box. It's an electric ignition. This is a new bit of high tech which replaces the points in the distributor. There are many good things about this little magic box. It was Omar who sold me on it, claiming he had installed them before and they work great etcetera, etcetera, etcetera.

If you read the instructions for the electric ignition it says to use with a coil with an INTERNAL RESISTOR. If not, you have to rig a resistor somewhere externally.

Yeah, you guessed it, no resistor.

Now I'm guessing this is why the car was "Bombing out". The spark plugs needed power and there wasn't quite enough causing a mistiming. No combustion, car no vrroom.

So, I'm ordering a new coil, one with solid epoxy so you can mount them upside down. I'm hoping that will clear up a whole bunch of problems.

So, I conclude the following based on my facts that Han's Imports and Domestics of Wickford RI sucks and is not the place you should trust your air cooled vehicle.

Thank you.
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