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Walking in the sun

First time out of the house since my trip back from the hospital was mildly interesting. Without walls to give me a point of reference I had to concentrate not to walk at a 45° degree angle. Distances played havoc with me. I could feel the strain on my little brain. But I made it out to the barn, took pictures of Gen and made it back. I may walk out to get the mail. My driveway is quite long, so then again, I might not.

My solar powered, hand crank emergency radio has arrived. Not a bad thing to have handy as it can also power a cell phone. I have it sitting in the sun charging right now. It even has a flashlight in it. That was my birthday present from Sir diablu and wldrose, that and the Steeleye Span Album Cogs and Lovers and Adele's 21. Adele 21 is my new music for this century. More to follow as I make my way through everyone's great suggestions.

But now, me thinks, tis time to eat. Yes, I believe it is.
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