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Dinner at Boun Appetito

This is a step up from your corner pizza joint and two steps up from your home delivered pizza. On the old site of Dew Drop Inn, this complete make over from the ground up delivers a nuvo old world modern Europe charm right off of Route 2 in North Stonington CT. The restaurant is charming, the bar area handsome, the wait staff attentive and relaxed which makes the slightly higher than pizza place price well worth it.

And the taste? Wow all around. The appetizers unique and white pizzas were to die for. The Parmesian fries where light and fresh and simply amazing. No ketchup, these came with a cream sauce that was perfect with these tasty treats.

Come here expecting to get out of your typical food stuff and into a fresher, cleaner, taste.

Pizza lovers! Make this trip! You will love this place and come back again!
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