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Clash of the stupid.

This movie will go down as one of the worst movies of the 21st century.

So, we're watching and Kagetsunami is pointing out the detours from mythology and I have to sniffle her. The movie just started, lets see where they go with it.

It went to a spot of unwatchability. It made me physically sick after awhile.

This movie was so bad, I may never watch another movie unless it's from Studio Ghibli.

The acting was exceptional. The Action excellent. The CG and special effects were top notch. The rest was stupid. The script was unsettling, the plot a mess on the bar room floor, the dialogue written by a 12 year old Conan fan. The whole thing made no sense! Not one wit! They had characters in there that had no reason to be in there except as proof that this was nothing more than fan fiction.

This was not the story of Perseus in the least. It was pale, milky white actors wearing shoe polish to look swarthy which reminded me of cheap serial westerns in the days of yesteryear.

The director, producers and writers should be sent to their own island to live out their days away from civilized society or classic literature majors.

fallingblossom, tiamatschild, if you value your life, don't see this movie. You will have no choice but to commit sepuku halfway through. Imagine the mess on the floor.

I give this cinema war crime a negative score. They owe me my life back.

And, and, they are planing a sequel to this macaroni art with booger glue! Please, everyone, stay home for this second movie. Do not reward them for the first. Crap like this will only continue.
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