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Are we having fun yet?

Dear (let's call him Jim) "Jim";

All weekend long you were asking me if I was having fun and I tip toed around the question. My response was, "When we're having fun, let me know."

I was out of the Shire. Unless there is a ring of evil that needs to be dropped into a mountain of fire, there is no reason to leave the Shire. Yet I was out of the Shire, standing there with you.

And you were wondering If I was having fun.

I'm not there to have fun. I was there to drop a magic ring into a mountain of fire.

It went like this:

A person came up to me, let's call him, 'Carl', and 'Carl' said, "There is a game going on, can we join in, or should we clean the dutch ovens?"

I said, "Get with your crew and figure it out. I leave it to you. You should play, but the ovens must be cleaned at some point. Clean, play, or play, clean, you guys work it out."

So I took care of some admin stuff and and met some people and had some cheese and crackers and a while later made my way back to camp. We then sat around the fire and the leader of another crew said to me in amazement; "What did you say to your crew? They are over there having the time of their lives cleaning dutch ovens!"

So, 'Jim', to answer your question;

At that moment, that second, out of all the other seconds in the past seventy two hours, then and there,

yeah, I was having fun.

It wasn't that they were cleaning the ovens.

Oh, no.

It was...

They were having the time of their lives.
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