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I've started a Facebook account. I did it because the Crew wants it. I guess it has its purpose. Fast little blips of information for a hurry, hurry world. To me it's LJ lobotomized. Why bother craft a diary entry, lure your reader in with mirth, grace, or charm. Just hammer out words of my mundane day, or talk about exploits of the mediocre.

Eloquence is just too damn hard.

I did not like it's ability to find every person I've ever met. I did not give it any e-mail addresses. I only put New York for my home town and my college campus, but yet it found my roomates from college, my friend from Highschool. There were 8,000 kinds in my HS, and it found the two that ever talked to me.

So how the hell can we not find Osama bin Laden?

Well, the deed is done. I may not do much there, or get lazy and do everything there. No, there'll be kids watching. Dragoncaller would have to be bubble wrapped. Made safe.

I don't like that idea at all!
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