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+3 Flaming Holy Naginata

Cold, insistent, penetrating, coating my bones with age, drilling with a thousand, thousand needles of ice. My fingers burn numb with helfire as I wriggle my gauntlets on. I try to keep moving them inside the stiff mitten, making sure they were all still there.

Nothing fit.

I wondered again why I was there, what I was doing. What contribution did I still have? It had been so long, did I still know how to play the game?

Out of the grey men moved, their bright colors washed out in the chilling wind.

It was so damn cold.

With my polearm, I took the field.

I wanted something easy, something that my frozen bones could withstand. I assayed the crowd milling around, stamping their feet, moving as I did to try to generate a little heat. I was trying to imagine who my opponent was.

I mentally figured I had a good chance at a So-So opponent. Someone I had a chance to beat.

I figured wrong. I got a Duke.

I didn't question why I was still there. I was committed. It was time to do the deed.

And my polearm blazed with Fire!

No, really, it did. Ask anyone who was there.

The Duke and I clashed, he dodging out of my flaming blade, I knocking the sword from his hand. He regained it and dropped into my leg putting me down to my knees. I returned the favor and now we two wounded warriors went at it, sloppy, brutal, breathing in the fog from each others breath.

And I won.

And then I had some Roast Beef and tea the bytchearse made. There was also some chicken and cheese. I like Chicken and Cheese! I also ate way too much of the roast beef, but I have no regrets.

I saw swanduchess and got a hug from nazrynn and fatalrenegade and it was too cold to do anything else. And it rained.

That is my report of Balfour's challenge. Questions?
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