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Working at the Car Wash!

Venture Crew 694 will be fund raising at the Quick and Clean Car Wash this Saturday, April 23 from 10-3. Come out and get the road salt off your car and help support us. Your donation will send a youth high up into the mountains and away from you!

Really, you're paying for inner peace.

Also, we're getting ready to run a Skills Weekend in Mystic CT where we'll be teaching firearm safety to other Scouts and Venture Crews. We're looking for donations of ammo, targets, all caliber, and possibly some loaner shotguns for skeet.

Then and Archeology Dig in July! Followed by Oddessy Weekend at Camp webster, followed by Venture Week in August.

In the fall, I would like to plan a trip up to Ticonderoga. That would be sweet!
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